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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  November 20, 2013 9:00am-9:31am PST

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hello, everybody. i'm beth troutman. if you want the best videos from the web, we got 'em, "right this minute." >> disturbing video as a woman and her son take turn kicking this little boy on the ground. the story that got this big bully busted. >> and what happens when he comes ashore. >> see the life changing experience with a baby caribou.
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>> a repeat heckler gets on a cop's last nerve. see why this time -- >> the officer may have won this argument. >> plus the buzz word for a 42-inch flat screen tv. >> and what it's like to live -- >> inside the nudist capital of the world. >> and what a nudist looks for in a home. blinds aren't needed. >> this foot and was used to prosecute the woman in the footage. >> what is going on here? >> why is that little boy kicking that little girl? >> this is incredibly difficult to watch. that's a 28-year-old holding a
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baby. according to reports, that is her son kicking this little girl who is on the ground. this little girl is 4 years old. >> is that also her daughter sp. >> it is not her daughter. according to recent reports, this is a 4-year-old niece of this woman. this little girl's mother had been deported so the little girl was placed with her aunt and uncle. not only was the little boy kicking the little girl, she also went in and got a kick to the little girl's back. >> this footage was released to police and police used it to make sure this woman was punished for these actions. she was just sentenced to two and a half years in prison along with two years probation after she gets released. >> what happened to the little girl? >> the little girl was taken to the hospital after officials saw this footage. according to reports she did have a head injury and had a broken arm as a result of this incident. as you can imagine, the community outraged and neighbors
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outraged. that's how this footage ended up being shot. she kept seeing this little girl showing up with bruises and the neighbor wand ted to figure out what was going on. >> larry bartlet calls this a fantastic gift of nature. here he is in the alaskan wilderness and he's going out to do some fishing and be an outdoorsmen like good, strong alaskan men are. but check out what happens when he comes ashore. he gets a little visitor and i mean little. that is a baby caribou. he believes she's injured but he said you know how you're not supposed to interact with wildlife? he said he just sat there but the animal came up to him so he's not endangering her when
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the animal freely comes up to him and sits in his lap. >> sits in his lap? >> sits in his lap. she's clearly want being affection and she lets him give it to her. >> what a wonderful gift. >> to tell us all about this beautiful adventure, we have larry bartlett via video. do you have any idea what happened when she left? >> unfortunately i don't. >> describe what it was like. >> she was making little noises, like a puppy. it was a great gift. my heart was pounding so hard while she was crawling in my lap. she clearly wanted some affection. >> as an avid outdoorsman, how does this change your
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perspective on wildlife? this year i hunted caribou and because of the encounter i chose not to shoot one. to te steam ou forever, if you will. >> how did it affect you? >> imagine the look on my friends' face when is they come around with a caribou in my seat. >> here's a video of brad's boat they say snapping in two but it pretty much snaps into 200. >> as soon as it shoots up into the air, it explodes. it was a mall -- malfunction that caused his boat to take a bit of a hop. that's the engine skipping across the top of the water. there's the safety capsule,
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though, separated from the rest of the boat. he was injured. he was in the hospital for about three days and out of racing for about five months. >> don't go away, anybody, because in just a little bit we're giving away another flat screen tv. you need the wednesday buzz word, have to be a u.s. resident and be 18 years or older to win. >> wednesday's buzz word is coming up. >> your chance to win a 4 -inch flat screen tv. >> people love filming their altercations and filming it on line. sometimes there's police brutality and sometimes the police are right. >> i just want to know. >> i'm trying to talk to you. >> i'm trying to talk, too. >> it seems as though the
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officers have stopped this guy for some reason. he's clearly upset. >> go stop some criminals. >> i'll put you in the lockup for disorderly just like last time and some criminal will play with your [ bleep ] in the night. >> oh! >> the officer may have won this argument. >> the officer obviously knew this guy. he said "just like last time." seems like he's been in trouble before. >> relax. >> don't tell me to relax. don't tell me what to do. you don't swear in public. >> what does he say after that? >> you stopped many criminals today? >> it looks as though he uploaded this to some police brutality facebook group. if you read the comments, a lot of them are saying this guy's
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hilarious, the guy with the camera is an idiot, et cetera, et cetera. >> don't swear in public. any questions? >> it's a terrifiying scene on the road when this suv is surrounded. >> they open the door, pull the guy out and start going through the vehicle. >> what? in the middle of the day on the street? >> plus captain america does a good deed. >> going to the home of people giving them an entire pizza. >> how he hopes his acts of kindness will inspire others to do the same. woah, this kitchen is beautiful!
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give him the tour. let me show you! soft-close drawers, farm sink! where's my room? we had to take just a little bit for the kitchen. because your kitchen dreams can be big. ikea has it all.
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like us on now back to the show. >> a couple of videos from south africa, johannesburg. for the driver in that toyota rav 4, this drive became anything but conventional when two vehicles boxed that driver in. one of them parked right in front and one right behind him. before you know it, there are men surrounding the car. they open the driver's side door, they pull the driver out and they start going through the vehicle. looks like the guy that took the driver out grabbed something, opened the back passenger door but there are other people
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inside. a second person comes out of the person. and then a woman comes out. her leg is stuck on a seat belt. one of the assailants unwrapped it. she ends up crawling away. >> what were they after? was this a robbery? >> they were after the car. >> what? in broad daylight they yank you out of your vehicle and steal your car in. >> you can't do anything. they come up and surround you and even if you mash the car, what can you do? >> and they are armed. in just seconds they have made away in your vehicle. this is not the only thing this has happened in johannesburg. you see this utility vehicle pulling up to an interception. it stops but look at this white car driving around all the other traffic, parks right in front and, again, a group of men jump out of that vehicle. they surround the utility truck, they pull the driver out and
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before you know it, they take off with that car as well. >> that's terrifying. >> got a little trivia question for you guys. pascal county florida is the blank capital of the world. >> gator. >> donuts. >> bikini? >> it is the nudist capital of the world and they need houses and a woman named jackie youngblood is the real estate agent, it's the subject of a new reality show called "buying naked." >> this is getting so much attention online, the folks from tlc sent us an exclusive footage of the show. >> the nice thing about this is
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there are coals in the fair place and we don't have to worry did it burning my hot butt. >> look at the strategically placed items. >> do you guy want to meet the realtor to the nudists? >> oh, yeah. >> jackie, how exactly do you become the realtor of choice for the nudists? >> i have been doing this since 2004. i have friend who is as who are and i got this niche market by going through the friends and it's referral, referral, referral. >> and you aren't taken back when you great client in the car and they put their naked butts on your seat and then you see their junk? >> no, not much bothers me.
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>> they are really walking naked through the neighborhood and do their leaf blowing naked? >> oh, yeah. they go to the swimming pool nude, whatever it is if they want to do it nude, they do it nude. >> what can we expect from this show? what are they going to see? >> they're going to see nudists, they're going to see the community themselves and what goes on in the community. hopefully it will be educational for people and see that nudists are just people living a lifestyle. >> "buy naked" premieres wednesday, november 20th on tlc. >> retracing the steps of an historic adventure. >> imagine two men walking across this continent. >> next "right this minute." >> and what do you get when you take a motocross track and straighten it out?
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>> a half mile section of whoops, jumps and awesomeness. >> and we're giving away a flat screen tv. all you need is wednesday's buzz word for your chance to win.
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until i saw this video, i had no idea that captain america is such a huge fan of pizzas. here he is going into little cesars picking up four
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pepperonis. it not for him, nor is it for the avengers. you're about to see what captain america is doing, aaron. aaron of boise, idaho is going up to homeless men and giving them a feent to help you out and give you a pizza here. z >> he's hoping his random act of kindness inspires others. >> he didn't just give pizza. >> i also wanted to help you out. i just wanted to help you guys out and give you a pizza and give you guys a pepsi. >> when he gives them money, watch the woman's reaction. >> also i wanted to give you
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guys this, too. >> no! >> absolutely, yeah. it's not a big deal at all. >> thank you, sir. >> you better. >> that's really, really, really sweet. it's more than pizza, soda and cash. >> it's something we should consider you'll day. we all have the opportunity to do something like this. >> hope you guys have a good day, man and take care. >> it's amazing after all these years, we're still finding ways to race motorcycles. leave it up to the people at red bull for unwinding a track and turning it into the red bull straight rhythm, a half mile section of whoops, jumps and awesome nice. >> you know what this is? >> tell me. >> this is excite bike on nintendo. this is what the course looked like. it was one straight line with
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all these jumps. >> it's spectacular. i don't know why we didn't think of this first. >> demonstrating the concept is some of the top riders in the business. >> if you're interested in getting into drifting, you don't need a high powered race car to do it. you just can use a crappy old suzuki swift here. this is oliver, kind adept behind the wheel of a drift car, using a front wheel drive car and some wet roads. >> i hope they closed off this road. >> fun police. >> and they're having a good ol' time. >> he lost his fender here somewhere in the process. >> probably doing this. >> all right, everybody. it's flat screen tv time. >> giving you a chance to win a 42 inch flat screen tv, you have to be 18 years or older and be a u.s. resident.
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>> if you're using a mobile phone or tablet, go to the first post on our facebook page and tap on that first link. >> and the buzz word for today is trampoline. that's trampoli-r-a-m-p-o-l-i-n your chance to win a 42 inch flat screen tv. >> good luck, everybody. >> these pranksters confuse people when they ask -- >> but she what happens when the prankees aren't so amused. >> i mçó4+y?i
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pillsbury crescents? so i should probably get the last roll... yeah but i practiced my bassoon. [ mom ] and i listened. [ brother ] i can do this. [ imitates robot ] everyone deserves ooey, gooey, pillsbury cinnamon rolls. make the weekend pop. it's holiday time, lots of cooking and baking. you're probably going to need some eggs, right?
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>> lots of them. you need six for a pound cake. >> how can you tell if they're still good? the crazy russian hacker is going to tell you how to do the egg test. >> all you need is a glass of water. the egg sinks. that means the egg is perfectly good. >> a good egg will sink all the way to the bottom of a glass of water. a bad egg will float. >> it's starting to float like dead fish. this is not good at all. >> the science behind it is the shells are very porous. >> like our skin is our largest organ. >> the egg goes starts taking in air and gets an air pocket inside the egg and it will float because it has buoyancy. >> this guy says the woman in the tree is eye level with him.
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there's a lady in the tree. >> is she trying to cut the tree down? >> she's got a guy on the ground helping her. she is operating a chain saw with one hand. >> no harness or any safety equipment, safe gear? >> this is so dangerous. she's got that one hand working the chain saw, bouncing with her other hand. see how much room she still has left to cut. she realizes she's got it, saw still in there, boom! >> i can't imagine someone who has never operated a chain saw or cut down a tree would do that. she must know what she's doing. >> this isn't the beginning of this job. >> she got out of at least this section of video with her arms and legs in tact. >> paula bunyan. >> that's her. >> earlier this year, ari and his partner did a video call
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"can you please stop talking about me." it was very successful so they did it again, this time at a university in philadelphia. [ whispering ] >> she's annoyed by in guy, until he tells her about the camera. >> there's a camera. i heard you say i look like one of the munsters. >> i think this guy is either schizophrenic or trying to pick up on me. >> or would you be thinking you're crazy? >> i would laugh. but what always cracks me up is each time he gets a girl's digits and he does in this one. >> the payless shoe rack.
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i don't smell like a payless shoe rack. >> no. >> this girl has had a bad day and she's not amused. >> i get it, i'm not stupid, i know it's a prank but think carefully before you come at people. you don't know what kind of [ bleep ] they're dealing with. >> have a good day. >> ooh. i think she got them better than they got her. >> i think it's cute. >> i think it's funny. >> except one girl, she's unhappy. >> humor goes a long way. >> we heard you. >> that's our show, everybody. we'll see you next time. [ female announcer ] welcome one and all to a tastier festive feast. so much to sip and savor, a feeding frenzy to say the least. a turkey from safeway is just what they crave. a hero of the table, "so delicious" they'll rave.
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hi, everybody. i'm beth troutman. it's time for the great videos that you've been looking for "right this minute." drop the knife. >> stunned shops are watch as cops order a suspect to -- >> drop the knife, drop the knife. >> see what happens when he doesn't. >> a homeowner repairs some racoon damage not knowing. >> the racoon was still inside. >> the delicate mission to get him outta there. >> when you think of places to p


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